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The Creaky Floors

The Creaky Floors is an Orange County-based band creating a modern, fresh takes on hymns, American folk, and gospel music. They have been the lead band for Beer and Hymns Orange County since 2015, which has grown from a small gathering into a large movement. Beer and Hymns is a rowdy sing-along of sacred songs. It is people gathered to drink beer and sing hymns with no preaching, no proselytizing, and no agenda but a good time. It's an all-inclusive space for people from all walks of life, and as many people say after a show, it's "the best church I've ever attended." It's fun and sacred. Irreverent and spirit-filled. It's like a karaoke all-skate of songs that are nostalgic and meaningful, whether you love them because of their history or your present beliefs.



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